Wednesday, June 15, 2011

About the AMT/ERTL 1966 Olds 442s

A few months back there were some questions raised as to the accuracy of this kit and its box art on one of the forums. Having sold many and owned a couple when they were brand new, and since I've made my living using Photoshop, I thought I'd offer some data you might find useful about this kit and the box art...

First thing: the car on the cover and the car in the box are different models. The car on the cover is an F-85 Holiday Coupe, model 3617. The kit car in the box is a Cutlass Holiday Coupe, model 3817. Both equipped with either 4-4-2 performance option L69 which came with 3-2bbl carburetors, or option L78 which included the more common Quadrajet 4bbl carburetor. Both of these packages included the red line tires shown on the box along with heavy duty wheels. A no cost white line exchange option was also available.

As for the box art 1:1 photo, the rumors that the top was either a different color or had a vinyl top are true, it was was definitely Photoshopped. The tell-tail clue is the two-tone/vinyl top chrome separator between the windshield and the vent windows that they forgot to remove when they were making changes. From my sales experience, average buyers bought 4-4-2s with a vinyl top. Boy racers on the other hand skipped the vinyl top but equipped theirs with heavy duty items for weekend fun at the strip.

Just in case you're interested, the following interior colors were appropriate for both the coupe and convertible versions of this kit.

Parchment Pearl (Opalescent) white with matching headliner and Black carpet, Black with Ivory headliner and Black carpet, Red with Parchment Pearl headliner and Dark Maroon carpeting and Blue (matches 66 Olds color code D Lucerne Mist) with matching headliner and Dark Blue carpeting. All of these had vinyl seating surfaces.

Vinyl tops came in Black and Beige (actually an off white)

Convertible tops came in Beige (Khaki comes real close), Black, Blue (a bit darker then the interior Blue) and White.

I'll be posting the actual paint chips and swatches of everything on the builders guide page at the Resin Realm shortly.

Hope this has been of interest and/or helpful to you.


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