Deluxe Resin Kits

A lot of you have been wondering what a Resin Realm Deluxe kit is, why it figures so prominently on the Realm's home page and why are the kits more expensive than their counterparts elsewhere.

The answer to the first part of the question is pretty simple...sales of those kits are what keeps the site up and running and provide funds for research materials like color charts, brochures etc. As for it's prominence... I'm trying to tempt you into buying one :-)

As for the pricing, that's where things get a bit more complicated. First of all, all resin kits come to you with flash that needs to be removed which is a tedious and messy job. The photo below illustrates how a kit looks when we get it and how it looks when you get it. Depending on the number of parts in a kit and how old the mold was when the part was cast can require can require anywhere from 1 to 3 hours of clean-up work. When I'm done with it, its as flash free as anything that comes from Modelhaus.

While that's enough to justify the small difference in price, there's more to the process than that. I also remove the mold release agent for you which means you don't need to have caustic chemicals around the house. If you've got kids or live in a small apartment that can be a big bonus.

The photo below shows the process from beginning to end.
 By now I'm sure you can see why my kits are a few bucks more, but the deal gets even better because every order comes with some very useful goodies. Included with your kit is a sheet of double-sided chrome vinyl sheeting you can use for mirrors, interior trim, custom fire walls and, well, use your imagination. It's not as flexible as Bare Metal Foil but it's FREE!

I'm not done yet... You also get an assortment of sanding sticks and a tube of crazy glue that doesn't stink or...make your eyes water.
All of my kits either have or soon will have a printed or web based builders guide to help you create a factory stock model. The 56 Ford Mainline 2dr guide is shown below.

 Side 'A' includes all the solid and tu-tone color combinations including spring colors.

Side 'B' shows available interior colors and detail photos.

Many of our cars, including the 53 Country Squire and the 53 Sedan delivery we've used as examples here include a 1oz bottle of single stage acrylic enamel paint! No clear coat required! Each bottle includes a nickle plated agitator to help with mixing and every bottle is treated with a surfactant to eliminate fish eyes and orange peel.

After all is said and done, you'll agree Resin Realm Deluxe kits are a 'Smokin Deal' but if you still have doubts, check out our 'Brag Page' to see what others have to say about our kits.

Thanks for taking the time and interest to read this page. We would really appreciate your business.

Jerry K