Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A busy day at STAR Models

Steve sent me an E-mail today listing a bunch of new kits from R&R that just arrived at STAR Models. Evidently Ray Parsons has been burning the midnight oil. Check out this list...

79 Malibu wagon    $53
80 Malibu wagon    $53
81 Malibu wagon    $53
50 Studebaker coupe    $53
50 Studebaker convertible with up-top    $53
50 Studebaker convertible with boot      $53
65 Olds Delta 88 HT        $53
3 yard dump truck box     $28
Nimrod camper        $22

The first three should prove to be a good source for conversion to Pontiac and Oldsmobile wagons of the same years. I'm personally happy to see the 65 Delta 88 as it was only run once to the best of my knowledge then converted into a stock car/dirt tracker. As a Studebaker fan, I'm always happy to see new versions of my favorite car.

Steve and I will be getting together for a photo shoot sometime next month to bring the resin photo galleries up to date. We'll probably be adding a hundred or more new pictures to the STAR site.

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Jerry K

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