Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That 58 Dodge I mentioned...

... in my first post. Well here are the photos as promised.  As you can see from the third photo, this would make an awesome convertible with a minimum of work. Steve has only a couple of these in stock and knowing the way R&R's casting schedule works you might want to get one while you can.

Here's another goodie that just arrived, Hendrix's 1955 Ford Sunliner. You can get it through STAR models and do the clean-up yourself or as a Resin Realm Deluxe kit with all the work done for you for a few dollars more. A continental kit is available for the Sunliner and the Crown Victoria shown below for an additional $12.00.
And...last but not least, the 55 Crown Victoria is back in stock in both STAR and Resin Realm Deluxe kit versions.

Oh, yes one more thing. 1955 Chevy Spring Colors, Cashmere Blue and Dusk Rose just arrived. These were available on select models built after April 1st of 1955. Dusk Rose was available on all Bel Airs except the station wagon in a two-tone combination with India Ivory and was not available as a solid color.

Cashmere Blue was available in a two tone with India Ivory and as a solid color on all Bel Air, 210 and 150 two and four door sedans. It was also available as a solid color on the sedan delivery.

And that about winds it up for today's post. Thanks for stopping by.

Jerry K

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